Venezuela meditates

Breathing techniques to become a part of Venezuela’s social wellness program

For the first time breathing techniques and meditation will become a part of the social wellness program in Venezuela, thanks to the initiatives of the government and some enterpreneurs. What triggered this idea? An open meditation program in three Venezuelean cities. The high interest that the open class generated inspired the city hall and various other companies to sponsor the event. The aim is to make such open meditations into monthly affairs.

“Even in the middle of the cities with horns, and people shouting around, I could connect with myself and feel a lot of peace,” said Carlos de Gouveia, a physician at the National Medical Hospital, at the end of the open meditation workshop. “It was a fascinating experience."

“The breathing exercises taught in the workshop not only help relieve stress but also eliminate anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and negative emotions,” says Francisco Moreno, Director of the Art of Living in Venezuela and also the teacher of the workshop. A few minutes of breathing practices had palpable results: “The participants felt more relaxed, light and energetic after the event,” adds Maria Isabel Dupouy, the first Venezuelan Art of Living teacher.

Francisco and Maria conducted the open class in Caracas, offering a mixture of knowledge, breathing exercises, guided meditation, among other activities.

Alicia Morea, lawyer by profession, shared that after the session she felt much more relaxed and centered, the anxiety she had been carrying just disappeared. Amongst the participants was also the first secretary of the Indian Embassy. “I’m surprised at the large number of people here,” he said, rather amazed.

Many passers-by were intrigued by the workshop. “I just was passing by and saw many people sitting together and I wanted to check it out. I loved the talk and I have already signed up for the course,” said an excited Ariana Gomez, civil engineering student.

With beaming smiles, the participants conveyed gratitude for Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of The Art of Living, for being the inspiration behind their transformation.

At the end of the class, more than the 1000 participants chanted and sang, creating a very special environment of peace and joy.