What Makes Art Of Living So Attractive?

30 Dec 2012

“A person’s mind, body and soul are connected the same way the nose is connected to the eyes and the face.”. Read more about ‘art of living’, spirituality, and the young generation trying to embrace this path, in an interview with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

1. Where do we draw the line between spirituality and religion? Religion based politics is taking India down by the day. What do you see as the solution?

Politicians are desperate today. They could never separate politics from religion or caste. Secularism has just been a myth, whichever the party, whatever the ideology the parties may claim, they definitely resort to religion or caste based politics. There is so much hypocrisy, it is causing disillusionment.
The youth of today do not subscribe to these divisive politics. They should rise above caste, creed and religion and actively participate in politics. In fact it is the good people who shy away from politics, leaving it in the hands of few families. This should reverse.

2. How do you define ‘Art of Living’? What is the main focus of the exercise? The young generation is rarely seen inclined towards spirituality and yet the ‘Art of Living’ foundation boasts of tremendous youth participation. What in your opinion sets it apart?

Art of living is learning about oneself- to live a life free from stress. It is about making life a celebration. The goal of Art of Living is to see a violence free society, healthy body, stress free mind, inhibition free intellect- to develop a creative and caring personality. Through its various programs, it has brought the much-needed transformation in the lives of youth. Today’s youth are much more intelligent, they are not pre-judiced. They know what is good for them and they are not afraid to work towards it. Art of Living has assimilated the best of the ancient and modern, the east and west and thus it appeals to the youth.

3. The most common problem in youth today is that of depression and suicides resulting from the same. What is important to understand here which might prove to be an all encompassing solution? In general, what would be your greatest words of wisdom for the young generation?

When the Prana, or the Energy Level stoops down, that is when the thought of suicide arises. When the energy level is high no one even remotely thinks of suicide. Unfortunately, this Science of the Mind is not known to people, and hence so many cases of suicide. We have hundreds and thousands of cases who have come out of such tendencies after undergoing our programs.

4. How are a person’s mind, body and soul connected? What are some of the guidelines to be followed in order to live a long, healthy and happy life?

Exactly the same way the nose is connected with your face and your eyes.

5. What is real happiness? If it is just a state of mind then how do we disconnect it with physical and worldly pleasures like success and attainment of goals?

I have put all the tips one needs to know about the 7 layers of existence. Body, Breath, Mind, Memory, Intellect, Ego and self all covered in the Art Of Living YesPlus Course. It is just a twelve hour program where you learn about various techniques which can keep you fit, mentally sane, intellectually sharp and emotionally balanced.

6. What is ‘eternal bliss’? Is achieving a state of eternal bliss possible at a young age? How is it manifested in daily life?

Eternal Bliss is a state of total contentment, dynamism and love, all in one. To have it, the first step is to broaden one’s vision; the next step is to have a solid personality – the rest happens naturally. This is something which every creature is craving for, but looking in the wrong places. Attaining which, there is total serenity, contentment and bliss.