When Stars celebrated togetherness at the Art of Living Center

15th May 2015

The serene lakeside gardens of Radhakunj at the Art of Living Intermational Ashram, Bengaluru stood witness to two different weddings on 15th May 2015.

Popular yester-years film star Vinod Khanna and his wife Kavitha, celebrated their 25 years of togetherness with a puja at the Art of Living center in Bangalore .

Paula Sehargoradsky, filmmaker from Argentina, and Santiago Barrenechea, exchanged wedding vows at the Ashram in traditional Vedic style. Says Paula, “Having attended many pujas at the Ashram, we wanted our friends and families to also experience the Vedic traditions. So we decided to get married in the Art of Living ashram in Bangalore". Both are faculty of The Art of Living. Paula'š documentary on her search for love has drawn 2 million views and has also been made into a film.

The International Centre has hosted the weddings of couples from, among other countries, the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Argentina and Pakistan.

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