Adulation shows the magnanimity of the one who adores, rather than the one who is adored! Adulation indicates that the ego has become transparent; the best antidote for ego is adulation.

Adulation works in three ways:

If it is for someone else, it is not palatable to an egoistic person. If it is for you, it boosts your ego. If you adore somebody, it dissolves your ego and makes you magnanimous.

Unanimous chorus : When Guruji is adulated, E V E R Y O N E adores it! (laughter)

Adulation indicates the magnanimity of the person who is adoring. And the one who is great, does not get swayed by adulation. So the test of the greatness of a person is that he is not shaken by any amount of adulation.

A desire for adulation is a sign of immaturity. Aversion to adulation is small-mindedness. Lack of adulation in life is dryness and boredom.

A healthy mind would always like to adulate, to elevate others. An unhealthy mind would like to pull down everything. Adulation indicates the trust, enthusiasm and richness in a culture. Lack of adulation is a self-centred, small-minded, fearful and culturally-impoverished society. Being indifferent to adulation when it comes to you and being magnanimous when it is to be given, is the way of the wise!