Back to Space

From time to time the earth shakes and in its shaking wakes up the man who is in slumber, who not only misuses Nature but puts his faith in bricks and mortar. Your true security is in the Self not in bricks and mortar. Perhaps this is what Nature wants to convey to you. Earthquakes, floods and volcanoes all drive home the truth that nothing is permanent and you cannot find security in that which is not permanent. They all come to you as a shock and wake you up.

When such calamities occur we try to understand their cause so that we can blame someone. Strangely, when you find someone to blame you feel comfortable, but with natural calamities you cannot blame anyone. It comes to you as a shock. With wisdom, shocks can make you grow in leaps and bounds. Without wisdom a shock can only lead you to negativity and depression.

Q. Why should nature destroy small innocent children?

A. Nature just does its job. It does not discriminate between young and old. Do you think that all those who eat bamboo shoots and eggs or pluck flower buds are not compassionateÅ maybe, maybe not! (laughter!)

Instead of questioning Nature, wake up and see the opportunity for seva (service). See whatÒ³ happening in Gujarat now. Today, hundreds and thousands are engaged in service activities that would not have happened otherwise. One positive thing coming out of destruction is the reconstruction of Gujarat which would not have happened if not for earthquake. Another interesting factor is a fresh water spring that has appeared in a region that has been continuously drought prone.

Wisdom is to consider the earth as your Valentine. Whether it shakes or breaks, it is dear to you. You always see good coming from it. The four elements, other than space, create turbulence from time to time. If you depend on them for support, they will shake you and lead you back to space. Finding security in inner space is spirituality.