Be a Gopal

Like fish in the water, you are in air. Thoughts are in mind. Mind is in Big Mind. The Big Mind in Me is love. Emotions are ripples in love. Love is all Knowledge.

Every atom of Big Mind is crammed with Knowledge. Knowing this, you stop seeking. You seek until you come to the Master. You walk until you come to the swimming pool. You don't walk or run in the swimming pool -- you swim or float. Once you come to the Master, seeking stops, blossoming begins.

You are Knowledge. Every atom in you is shimmering with Knowledge. This is called Go. Be a Go-Pal. Be a friend in Knowledge.

Go has four meanings:

  • Knowledge
  • Movement
  • Achievement
  • Freedom or liberation

Pal means friend or protector -- one who takes care of.

Often you become friends by:

  • Gossiping about negative things
  • Complaining
  • Similar cravings or aversions
  • Common enemies or common problems
  • Common goals or common addictions

Coming together in Knowledge is rare. You become friends because you have something in common. Be a friend in Knowledge. Uplift each other in Knowledge. All Satsangees are Gopals -- reminding each other, coming together in and for Knowledge. That is Gopal. Be a protector of this Knowledge.