The big dilemma

 If there is complete faith, then there are no questions. If you don't have any faith then there is no point in asking any questions because how can there be any faith in the answer that is given?

Harish : What About The Questions That We Ask With Complete Faith?

Gurudev : If you have faith in God or yourself or your family and friends, then questions cannot arise. When you know somebody is taking care of you, what is the need to ask any question? For example, if you have taken the Karnataka Express to Bangalore, then there is no need to ask at every station "Where is the train going?" When there is someone to take care of your desire, then why go to an astrologer?

Rajesh : But what about blind faith?        

Gurudev : Faith is cannot be blind. When you call it blind, it is not faith - at least not yours! Blindness and faith cannot meet. It is when you lose faith, you become blind.