Change and Love

There are some who are longing for change. Feeling that everything is stagnant in their lives, they want to change partners, careers, dwellings. And there are some who are scared of change. They feel secure the way they are. There are some who see the change, but don't acknowledge it out of fear. There are some who do not notice the change at all. There are some who do not think there is anything to change. And there are some who realize that everything is changing, yet see there is something that is non-changing. Those who recognize the non-changing amidst the change are the wisest of all.

Question: Must love as well always change?

Gurudev: Love is your nature. What is your nature cannot change. But the expression of love changes. Because love is your nature, you cannot but love. The mother has total love for the child, but sometimes she feeds the child, sometimes she is strict with the child. "Come on, sit and write!"
Sometimes she slaps the child. She does this out of love, and these are all different modes of love. So, the expression of love changes but love itself does not change, because love is your nature.

There is nothing new. Everything is the same, meaning everything is changing, everything is re-cycled. Guruji this week has spoken beautifully on the four pillars of knowledge. CBC crews followed Guruji around for two days, and taped a high-energy satsang, complete with dancing.