Confidence with Humility: The Rarest Combination

One of the rarest combinations in the human personality is the co-existence of confidence and humility. Often people who are confident are not humble and people with humility are not confident. Confidence blended with humility is most appreciated by everybody. Question: How can confidence be developed in one who is humble, and humility in one who is confident? Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: 1. When you see your life from a bigger context of time and space, then you realize your life is nothing. 2. When you are humble, you need to see that you are unique and dear to the Divine, which brings confidence, and when you realize you are insignificant, that brings humility. 3. When you have a Guru, you cannot be arrogant. Your guru gives you confidence and also brings humility in you. The weakness in humility, and the arrogance in confidence are removed. You are left with confidence and humility!

Guruji had a captive audience while inaugurating the International Convention on Information Technology - Information should be intuitive, communication should be creative, and technology should bring comfort. In a "flying" visit to Tirupati, Guruji addressed all the Tirupati temple administrators and workers. The 250 teachers at the Teacher’s Refresher Meet in Rishikesh are blissed and blessed!