Do it till you become it !

Virtues have to be practised till they become your nature. Friendliness, compassion and meditation should continue as practices till you realise that they are your very nature.

The flaw in doing something as an act is that you look for a result. When it is done as your nature, you are not attached to the result and you continue doing it. An action that arises from your nature is neither tiring nor frustrating. For example, daily routines like brushing one's teeth or bathing are not even considered actions because they are so integrated into one's life. You do all this without doership. When Seva is made part of your nature, it happens without doership.

Question: When do you realise that compassion, meditation and Seva are your nature?

Answer: When you cannot be without it.

Wise men continue the practices just to set an example, even though for them, there is no need for any practices.

The ‘Art of Living’ family has taken up "Clean Guwahati" program. The Mayor of Guwahati, who recently did the course, actively assists the Seva teams in their drive to clean the city. Seventeen boulevards in Calcutta have been adopted by the chapter under the 5-H program. Enthusiastic volunteers carried food, clothes and other necessities for the flood victims of Malda, West Bengal. The advanced course in Junagadh had 500 people and was indescribable. Gurudev attended 4 to 5 Satsangs each day in different parts of the city. Excellent teamwork and arrangements made for an electrifying Satsang in Rajkot with over 7000 people.