Dont be grateful!

Guruji: How many of you are grateful here? (Everybody raises their hand.) If you are grateful, you don't belong to Me! (Everyone is shocked.) You are not part of the Master. When someone gives you something, you are grateful. That means you feel separate. You are not grateful to yourself.

Gratefulness is inevitable. When you go beyond gratefulness, then union happens. No "I," no "you" remains. You are part of the Master. You are just One Being with a thousand heads and a thousand arms, but with one heart. You have got to be grateful on the path, but you have to transcend gratefulness. Better stop being grateful. (Laughter.)

When you are grateful then you are the center, you are more important. When you are grateful to God for having received something beautiful, for example, eyesight, who is important? You or God? You! So your gratitude indicates ego.

Richard: But you are not grateful?

Guruji: I am simply great and I am full! (Laughter) Don't be grateful; just be great -- and be full! (Laughter)

This Knowledge is very dangerous! When you are part of the Master, you have every right to be happy. You have every right to Knowledge, happiness, and the whole universe!

Angelika: Small children don? feel grateful as long as they feel one. They take everything for granted.

Meike: You are not grateful to your own hand which feeds you.

Ananda: On one of the courses you said in the thanking process, "Now, thank yourself for being here!" So you can thank yourself.

Guruji: if you wish, you can! This is true celebration: thanking yourself!