Ego is only an atom

The "I" or ego in you is a tiny atom. If this atom is associated with the body, the matter, it identifies with the matter. If this atom is put with the Being, the Infinite, it identifies with the Infinite.

When this atom, this ego, is associated with the material world, it becomes mundane. When it is associated with the spirit, it becomes Divine. It becomes shakti when associated with the Being, the Self. It becomes miserable when identified with the body.

You see, in a huge atomic reactor, it is just one tiny atom that is exploded. In the same way, in our whole body, there is just one little tiny atom of "I". And when this "I" explodes, that is when it becomes the light of the Self.

Usually we say, "I am miserable,” or "I am happy".

Shift this atom from identifying with the body and the conceptual world, to identifying with the Real World.