Every stone is precious

A sculptor in a temple uses all types of stones. Certain stones he uses for the foundations. These never appear outside. From certain stones which are good to carve, the sculptor makes the walls and pillars of the Temple. From other stones he makes the steps. Certain stones become the tower of the Temple. Only those stones which are extremely suitable for carving will become the Deity and be installed in the Temple. When the stone become a part of the Temple, it no longer remains a stone, it becomes a sculpture, a piece of art, it becomes the Living Deity.

In the same way many people come to the Master. According to the degree of their surrender they are installed by the Master. All are essential.

If there were no steps, how could a person reach the Temple?

If there were no foundation, how could the Temple be there at all?

What can a tower do without pillars?

For a sculptor, each stone is precious and valuable.