Five Factors That Influence the Mind

Place, Time, Food, Past Impressions, and Associations and Actions

  • Every place you are in, has a different impact on the mind. Even in your house, you can see that you feel different in different rooms. A place where there there has been singing, chanting and meditation has a different influence on the mind. Suppose you like a particular place; you may find that a little later it will not be the same.
  • Time is also a factor. Different times of the day and year have different influences on the mind.
  • Different types of food that you take influence you for some days.
  • The past impressions-the Karmas- have a different impact on the mind. Awareness, alertness, knowledge and meditation all help erase the past impressions.
  • Associations and actions. The people and events you are associated with do influence your mind. Your actions and associations effect your mind. In certain company your mind behaves in one way and with others in a different way.

Question: Should we worry about them?

Answer: No need to be paranoid about it. Just know them!

Though these five factors influence the life and the mind, know that the Self is much more powerful. As you grow in knowledge, you will influence them all.

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