Form And Formless, And Aggression And Intuition

A: Form and Formless

Life is a combination of form and formless. Feelings have no form but their expressions have form. The Self has no form but its abode has form. Similarly, wisdom and grace have no form but are expressed through form. Discarding the formless, you become inert, materialistic and paranoid. Discarding the form, you become a lost ascetic, a space cadet or an emotional junk!

B: Aggression and Intuition

Aggression and assertiveness overshadow intuition. Often, people who are sensitive tend to become aggressive in order to avoid being hurt. In this process, they lose sight of the fine intuition. Fine intuition needs sensitivity; sensitivity is often painful. In order to avoid pain one becomes aggressive and assertive, and in turn loses one's intuitive ability. Intuition is close to the truth. To be truthful, you don't need to be aggressive and assertive! Often, aggression and assertiveness thrive on the idea of truthfulness.