Give away your rights

Those Who Fight For Their Rights Are Weak For They Do Not Know Their Inner Strength, Their Magnanimity. The weaker you are, the more you demand your rights. Asserting your rights makes you isolated and poor. People who fight for their rights, take pride in it. This is an ignorant pride. You need to recognize no one can take away your rights. They are yours.

The courageous will give away their rights. The degree to which you give away your rights indicates your freedom, your strength. The stronger you are the more you give away your rights. Only those who have their rights can give away their rights!!!

Demanding rights does not really bring you the rights, and giving them away does not really take them away.

Poor are those who demand their rights.

Richer are those who know their rights cannot be taken away.

Richest are those who give away their rights.

Demand for rights is ignorance, agony.

Knowing no one can take away your rights is freedom.

Giving away your rights is love, wisdom.