God As A Child

Can you see God as a child? You have always thought of God as a father, up in the heavens somewhere. Can you see God as a child?

God is the very core of your existence. You are pregnant with God. You have to take care of your pregnancy and deliver the child into the world. Most people do not even deliver. One who delivers can also grant wishes.

God is your child. He/She clings onto to you like a baby till you grow old and die. God keeps crying for nourishment. God clings onto the devotee. He/She needs you to nourish Him/Her in the world. Sadhana, Satsang and Seva are the nourishment.

You always think of God as a father. Then you want to demand and take from God. But when you see God as a child, you have no demands.

Belma says: You cannot pray to a child; you can only pray to your father.

Gurudev: Why do you want to pray? Why do you want to ask? A good father knows what to give.

Belma: What about surrender?

Gurudev: Your surrender to a child is more authentic as it has no demand.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR GOD! Atheists are around the corner! Doubts, disbelief and ignorance are atheists in your mind, so better take care of your God!