The Golden Veil

Craving comes from encouraging the thought of pleasure. The actual experience of pleasure may not be as pleasurable as the memory.

Georgia: That 's why we spend so much time in our minds!

Whether you encourage a worldly thought or a Divine thought, they both bring you pleasure. Worldly thought leads to indulgence, which brings you down from pleasure to disappointment and dejection. Divine thought takes you up from pleasure to Bliss, Intelligence, and progress in life. Worldly thought brings pleasure only as memory, whereas Divine thought comes as Reality.

Question: What is a Divine thought?

Gurudev: "I am not the body; I am bliss, satchitananda; I am unbounded space; I am love; I am peace; I am light."

Question: What is a worldly thought?

Gurudev: It is about money, sex, food, power, status and self-image. Truth is hidden by the golden veil of the mundane. Pierce through the glittering sheath and know you are the Sun.

P.S. In the world everybody is after GOLD; some are after GOOD; but only a few are after GOD. Transcend GOLD, transcend the GOOD, and reach GOD.

The Quebec Ashram fountain is creating rainbows. An advanced course is happening, and the ART Excell course is a big hit with the youth, whose inhibitions are dropping away. As course participants move from the small mind to the Big Mind, the children move super-sized frogs from the small pond to the big lake. Both frogs and humans are happy in their spacious abodes.