Guru's Tidbits

What to do if your commitment is boring?

Commitment has value when things are not so charming. When things are interesting you do not need commitment at all. You never say you are committed to doing something that is very interesting or charming.

Learning is inevitable. By doing things right you learn, and by doing things wrong you also learn. From every situation, from everybody, you learn either what to do or what not to do. Either by mistakes or by doing things correctly, you cannot but learn. Learning is inevitable.

It is only when you sleep that you do not learn. And if you are asleep in your life, there is neither pain nor pleasure nor learning. Most people are in such deep slumber. That is why many people do not even make an effort to get out of pain.

Question: How to improve patience?


Gurudev: Can I tell you next year? (Laughter)

Question: How to improve memory?

Gurudev: Ask me this question later. (Laughter)