Homage To Amma

Guruji's mother, our beloved AMMA, left her physical body in a peaceful and meditative state at 1p.m. on Nov. 9th, 1999, in Bangalore, just as Guruji set foot in the holy city of Varanasi, precisely as HE had predicted a few days ago. For those present around GURUJI, it was an amazing experience to feel the depth of love and not an iota of grief ! It was a celebration of knowledge, never before experienced! Even as the news came, Guruji kept meeting people and addressed the big Satsang with the same smile as always.

All her life AMMA served with love, humour and dynamism, extending her motherly love to one and all. She had an unparalleled love for GURUJI and shared a unique relationship with HIM - not only as a son but also as a Mentor. Hundreds of people bid a moving farewell to AMMA, singing JAI JAI RADHA RAMAN. AMMA'S mortal ashes were brought to Delhi and GURUJI accompanied them to HARDWAR and immersed them in the Holy Ganges there. A portion of her ashes were also immersed in the river Cauvery, on whose banks AMMA grew up.

On the 9th of Nov., itself, GURUJI was the chief guest at the consecration of the VISHALAKSHI temple at Varanasi, an invitation that had come two months ago. At this very temple, GURUJI'S grandfather had prayed 70 years ago and was blessed with AMMA. Creation returned to it's source as GURUJI reinstalled the very same ancient deity from whom AMMA got her name, on the very same day that she left for her Heavenly abode.

The Art of Living family is greatly indebted to AMMA and seek her blessings. The Memorial Service will be on the 21st of November and all Chapters are requested to have Satsangs that day. Through this event the Art of Living has shown to the world that not only Life, but Death also can be a celebration !

An example inspires and brings confidence in the application of Knowledge. And the visible sign of it is an undying smile. The Self knows neither sorrow nor death. Yet, in it, flow all the relative events. It's easy to be detached when you are not in love. Being in utter love, and yet undisturbed; caring yet not worried; persistent yet not perturbed, are all the obvious signs of the Self shining through !