How to conquer jealousy or envy

  • Know that the person that you are jealous or envious of has done some good karma in the past and they are now reaping the fruit.
  • Take it as an inspiration to gain merit now.
  • Create a sense of belongingness with them. See that they are a part of you.
  • Think of all you have that they don't have and feel grateful.
  • Ananda says, "Observe the sensations."
  • Join hands and form a team with them.
  • Realise that in the current of moving time all will perish.
  • Think of everyone that is jealous of you for what you have. Stephano added: "And see that all that people envy you for has not brought joy anyway."
  • Stephano: "Go and ask them 'are you happy?' " Caroline: "And what if they say 'Yes?' " (Laughter!). If the answer is "yes" then they must be in the Art of Living (Laughter!) "What to do if others are jealous or envious of you?" Ananda: "What to do if others are jealous or envious of you?"
  • Praise them in superlatives.
  • Create a sense of belongingness in them by your kind actions.
  • Know that their feelings are temporary.
  • The best is not to recognise their envy or jealousy at all. If you recognise a feeling as a reality it only makes your ignorance grow.
  • Know all feelings and emotions are just like passing clouds.
  • Do not show off your talents to them.
  • Know that they are puppets. They will all perish like apples and tomatoes - just a longer shelf-life (Laughter!).

If nothing else works just go to sleep (Shirley: "And don't forget to take a pillow").