How To Get Centred

Shifting the awareness from the experience to the experiencer; since all the experiences are on the circumference and they keep on changing. The experiencer is at the centre. Again and again come back to the experiencer.

  • If you are frustrated, instead of spending all the time on the experience of frustration, ask Who is frustrated?
  • Similarly, If you are unhappy, ask Who is unhappy?
  • If you think you know something, ask Who knows it? (Laughter)
  • If you think you are enlightened, ask Who is enlightened? (Laughter)
  • If you think you are ignorant, ask Who is ignorant?
  • If you think you are poor me, ask Who is poor me?
  • If you think you are highly devoted, ask Who is devoted?

Shed all your faces and face the I. Then you have truly come to Me!