How To Handle Feverishness?

When you're in the grip of feverishness about the result of your actions, what do you do?

Faith: Have faith and confidence that the result will be much better than you can ever imagine. With faith you can get rid of feverishness of action/achievement. Feverishness can also be a hangover from overactivity. Then sleep, listening to flute music, cold water baths, etc. can help.

Dispassion: Know the whole thing will be over one way or the other, and it doesn't matter. Meditation and breathing can calm you down. Drop whatever you are doing and do something completely irrelevant, e.g. while decorating your house, take a moment off to cut grass, or go shopping! When you are doing something very important, take a moment off to do something totally irrelevant and insignificant. This enhances your creativity. Relevant action keeps you bound to the action. Irrelevant action makes life a game!

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