If you cannot meditate, be stupid

If You Are Unable To Meditate, Your Mind Is Chattering Too Much And Nothing Works, Just Feel That You Are A little stupid. Then you will be able to sink deep.

Your intellect is a small portion of your total consciousness. If you are stuck in the intellect, you miss a lot. Happiness is when you transcend the intellect. Also, in awe or in feeling stupid, you transcend the intellect. Have you noticed mentally retarded people are more happy?

Question: How do you go beyond the intellect?

Answer: By acting stupid!

Everyone avoids being stupid, no one wants to look dumb. That is really stupid. Stupidity should be followed by meditation, otherwise depression may follow.

Janael: Can I ask a stupid question?

Gurudev: All questions are anyway stupid.

Mikey: How do you become stupid?

Yash: By asking the question.

Rajshree: Just be yourself!