Indigestion Of Knowledge

Indigestion of knowledge leads to development of a false ego which has no cure. Knowledge must be digested properly.

Indigestion of knowledge leads to:

  • False ego
  • Disinterestedness; taking for granted; lack of awareness
  • Familiarity without understanding, without depth -- flakiness
  • Tendency to preach
  • "Heart" burn
  • Using knowledge for their own small ends
  • Adamancy

Your inability to do something (break a habit) can cause a pinch; when you are deeply pained by something, then that will rid you of that habit. If you are pained by your shortcomings, then you are sadhak. Pain takes you out of addiction.

If you are in love with the divine, then you can digest the knowledge. Love is the appetizer -- seva is the exercise -- without love and seva, knowledge becomes indigestible. So everyone list the loving seva you have done for the world.

Marielle: If love is the appetizer, what is the main course?

Guruji: Knowledge

Daniel: What is dessert?

Guruji: MYSELF!! (Laughter)