Intensify your longing

Attainment Of The Divine Depends On The Intensity Of Longing And Not On The Time And Qualification. There is a proverb among the villagers in India, which says that it may take some time to pluck a flower but it takes no time to meet the Divine ! Abilities, qualifications are not the criteria. It is simply the intensity of your longing.

Intensify your longing for the Divine right away. This you can do when you know that you want nothing and you are nothing.

Suneeta: If we are nothing and we want nothing, how can longing come?

Sidappa: Knowing you are nothing and you want nothing brings belongingness:

....and belongingness intensifies longing.

Bill: What is the difference between desire and longing?

Gurudev: Desire is the fever of the head. Longing is the cry of the heart.