Joy and Sorrow

  • The inability to experience joy and sorrow is inertia.
  • Experiencing joy and sorrow is a trait of consciousness.
  • Being happy in one's own joy and sad in one's own sorrow is a trait of animals.
  • Being happy at another's joy and saddened by another's sorrow is a trait of humans.
  • If you are saddened by other’s sorrow then sorrow will never come to you.
  • If you are happy at another's joy then joy will never leave you.
  • Seeing that every relative joy is also a misery is a sign of dispassion.
  • And seeing both joy and sorrow as just a technique is a sign of the wise.
  • Considering sorrow as mere illusion is divinity.
  • Transcending joy and sorrow and being established in the self is perfection.

As the late Swami Sharanananda used to say, "Pray for the strength to serve in joy and to sacrifice in sorrow."