Love and Authority

Love and authority are totally opposite values yet they co-exist. The grosser the consciousness, authority has to be more pronounced. The more refined and subtle the consciousness, lesser is the need to exercise authority. When you are gross, you demand authority and when you demand authority, love recedes. Asserting authority indicates lack of confidence and love. The more evident one’s authority, the less sensitive and effective it will be.

A sensible person would not demand authority at all, but will assume it. (laughter) The most effective CEOs will not make you feel their authority, for authority can never bring inspiration. Your sincere servant has more authority over you than your boss, isn't that so? A baby has full authority over the mother. Similarly, a devotee has all the authority over the Divine, though he never exercises it. So, the subtler you become, the more authority you gain. The greater the love, subtler will be the authority. The lesser the love, the more pronounced will be the authority.

Yagyas were performed in the German Ashram for World Peace. Lord Krishna's Birthday was celebrated with gaiety at the German Ashram. Art of Living International Centre,Bangalore is buzzing with blissful faces as Gurudev reaches the Ashram.