Love and Renunciation

Only one who has renounced can truly love. To the degree you have renounced, to that degree you have the ability to love. Often people think those who renounce cannot love, and those who love cannot renounce. This is because so-called renunciants do not seem to be in love, and so-called lovers are very possessive and are in need. True love is non-possessive and brings freedom, and renunciation is nothing but freedom. Only in freedom can love fully blossom. When in love you say, "I want nothing, I just want this." Renunciation is, " I don't want anything. I am free." In love there is no other need. Renunciation is having no need. Love and renunciation, although appearing to be opposites, are two sides of the same coin.

McQueen said -- They are the same side of the same coin. (laughter)

Tara asked -- Does this mean the lover renounces his beloved?

Guruji responded -- You renounce the attachment, the possessiveness. Renunciation doesn't diminish love; it enhances it.

Only renunciation can sustain love and joy. Without renunciation love turns into misery, possessiveness, jealousy and anger. Renunciation brings contentment and contentment sustains love. Without renunciation one gets discontented, frustrated, sad, fearful, suspicious, analytical. And the whole soap opera begins. And this is what we find in society , don't we?

The so-called renunciants have run away from life frustrated and disappointed. Real renunciation is born out of knowledge and wisdom, knowledge of life in the background of time and space and in the context of this magnanimous universe.

There was such a contrast in Shakti Kutir as Guru Dev created the knowledge sheet this week. Profound wisdom was flowing along with the debate and laughter of devotees. Eventually the discussion went haywire. Belma said, "Guruji, you have the purest intellect. Why do you ask us for our opinion? Then it only gets all messed up." Mikey said, "Those who know will know, and those who don't, won't" Tommy said, "Those who don't get it are free!" Finally roaring with laughter some devotees renounced the knowledge sheet to go to dinner. Last night, at an electrifying Satsang full of uncontrollable laughter and dance, Guruji gave paradoxical knowledge that enlightenment is a journey from heart to head (Of course the talk wasn't taped). The Clean Gujarat Project has been launched by the devotees from Gujurat. A Yagna was performed in the Art of Living International Center,Bangalore to bring peace in Kashmir. Two of our teachers will be going to Belgrade and Kosovo.