Love and Truth

Why would someone tell a lie to their close ones or to their beloved?

This is a question most often asked by lovers. Since love cannot stand untruth, this causes relationships to break up. The solution lies in understanding the paradox of love and truth. People tell lies just to save and maintain their love. The fear that the truth might damage their love causes lies to be told between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, parents and children and in family situations.

In love you feel weak and truth brings strength. Yet why do people prefer love over truth, i.e. weakness over strength?! (laughter)

No one wants to sacrifice love. Thus people are ready to give up the truth for their love. Love takes the luster out of truth. Sometimes truth can make love bitter while in love even lies can appear sweet, like Krishna’s lies to his mother Yashoda! The truth that does not nourish love has no sense and the love that cannot withstand the truth is not true love. When one is assured that the love is so strong that the truth can neither break it nor cause bitterness, then the truth prevails and love shines. Truth has judgments, but true love is beyond judgments. Thus true love makes you weak and yet it is the greatest strength.

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