Make Everything Personal And Universal

Manatha Sri Jagan Natha My Lord is the Lord of Creation

Mad Guru Sri Jagad Guru My Master is the Master of the Universe

Madathma Sarva Bhutatma My Soul is the Soul of Every Living Being

Tas Mai Sri Guruve Namah I Bow Down to the Glory of My Guru Dev

Often what is universal is not personal and what is personal does not belong to everyone. What is "mine" and what is "universal" are completely opposite. This is the cause of greed, fear, jealousy, and lack of contentment. On this Guru Purnima wake up and realize that the Lord of the Universe is very personal to you. Your personal Guru is the Guru of the whole world. The Guru is your very SELF and your SELF is the very life in every being. Make the universal personal; it makes you richer, wiser, stronger. Make the personal universal; you will find freedom, compassion, love.