Question: Guruji, what is your message?

Guruji: I have no message. In order to give a message you have to be far away. Message needs a distance. Message is of the past or of the future. Message is impersonal and lifeless. Knowledge cannot be a message. The wise one will not give you a message, but will simply awaken you.

God will not give you a message. For God to give you a message, God has to be so far away from you. God is more close to you than your breath. How can He give you a message?

The wise neither need a message nor give a message. The unwise would give a message and want a message -- and would be unable to use the message anyway. Whoever needs the message will not use it. And one who can use the message wouldn't need it!

Jim asks, "What is the difference between Knowledge and message?"

You can read about living in the moment so many times, but it only becomes knowledge when you experience it. Like you can read the ingredients, but when you taste it, the information becomes Knowledge.

Jim says, "These Knowledge sheets really cut down on our communication." (Laughter!)