The nature of the five senses is knowledge

Every cell of your body has the ability of all the five senses. You can see without the eyes. Vision is part of consciousness; that is why in dreams you can see without the eyes. You can feel without the skin; that is why people without limbs can still feel itching in that part. You can smell without the nose; taste without the tongue.

The 5 senses and thinking ability are all present in consciousness. So each cell of the body has the potential ability to perform all the functions of the senses. When someone says something; you are all ears, you are listening from every cell of your body. There is the expression "looking from a 1000 eyes"; one is all eyes. All cells are made of the same tissue, each DNA has the ability of all functions of the body.

Consciousness is inherent in all the cells. Every sensory stimulus brings knowledge which is the nature of consciousness. Sight brings some knowledge - blue, red, green. Knowingness is the nature of consciousness.

Vikas says: Some people who have lost one of their senses find that the others become heightened.

Guruji replies: You don't have to lose one to sharpen the others. . .you can sharpen all of them in deep silence.

Mikey asks: What happens when you have no sense?

Guruji answers: You become like Mikey!! (room explodes with laughter)