Tolerance And Acceptance Are Not Virtues

Many people think tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance is a negative term. Tolerance indicates a deep sense of dislike. If you like something, there is no question of tolerating it or not.

When you are tolerating something, it means you are temporarily putting up with it. Tolerance is a potential volcano. If you are tolerating, it means you are still holding on to something. At any time tolerance can turn into hatred. Tolerance indicates a sense of separateness, small mindedness, and limited awareness.

Acceptance is also negative. You accept only that which is not lovable.

Question: Do you need self-assurance to love people?
Gurudev: Only the Self is always assuring - nothing else! This is our company ‚ÄĒ the Self-Assurance Company.

Question: Aren't we supposed to accept people as they are?
Gurudev: If you don't love them, then you will have to accept them.

These words: tolerance and acceptance, are thought to be positive. I say they are not! Tolerance and acceptance come with judgment and separation. Don't accept people as they are or tolerate them, just love them as they are.