Pravritti Nivritti

Life is a combination of Pravritti and Nivritti.

There are two attitudes that we have to pay attention to. One is, when we go inward, we say, ‘Everything is okay; anyway not a blade of grass moves without Divine intervention. God has kept us like this, so let it be.’
This is the attitude you must have when you have to go inward (Nivritti).

When you have to come out and work (Pravritti), then seek perfection in even small details. Whenever you see imperfection, you have to pay attention on how you can correct it. Find out ways to improve on all the things.
So while acting, see where you can bring improvement and what you can change. When you retire into meditation, say that everything is perfect; only then you can go inwards.

Usually when people close their eyes and go inward, they keep thinking, this is not okay and that is not okay and find fault in everything. They can neither mediate, nor be quiet. And in activity, people think everything is fine the way it is, why do we have to do anything about it?
Then, we are at a loss.

So when you are acting, see what it is that you can do, and when you have to retire then say, ‘Everything is fine.’ This attitude will help you go deep in meditation. This is the path of Nivritti – when you have to get establish within yourself.
When you are established within yourself then your capabilities, strengths, intellect and enthusiasm to work are all increased. When all this has arisen, then return to Pravritti (action) and work with awareness and enthusiasm. Not only with awareness or only with enthusiasm, both!