Give me not thirst if you cannot give me water.
Give me not hunger if you cannot give me food.
Give me not joy if I cannot share.
Give me not the skills if I cannot put them to good use.
Give me not intelligence if I cannot perceive beyond it.
Give me not knowledge if I cannot digest it.
Give me not love if I cannot serve.
Give me not desire that doesn't lead me to you.
Give me not a path that doesn't take me home.
Give me not a prayer if you don't want to hear it. (Laughter)

Question : When you pray, to whom do you pray?

Gurudev : To myself! In prayer the mind goes to its source, the Self. God, Guru, and the Self are the same.

Dean says : Give me not time if I don't know how to manage it.

Daniel says : Gurudev says, "You're all out of time..." (Laughter)