Radhashtami is Radha’s birthday. Radha is the longing for the Divine, the unknown infinity – Krishna!

If you read Radha the other way round, it is Dhara. Dhara moves away from the source. When it moves towards its source it is called Radha. Coming back to the source, the source is Krishna. When you move towards yourself you move towards Krishna.

Longing for the source is Radha. Without Radha, Krishna cannot be reached, that is why we sing ‘Jai Jai Radha Raman’ in Satsang – moving back to the source.

It is like sweetness in the sugar, sweetness cannot be separated from the sugar. Light and Sun, Water and Fluidity, Gravitation and Earth, Flower and Fragrance, they cannot be separated from each other; such is the bond between Radha Krishna.