Recycling and hygiene

Everything here is recycled. The earth is 200 million years old - the Alps, the water, the air. Billions of people have breathed the same air. All the particles in your body are old, you are recycled. Your thoughts and emotions are recycled, mind is recycled. You are a recycled person.

Everything here is recycled. Consciousness is recycled - its the same old consciousness. Remind yourself that everything here is recycled material - so relax! Everything goes to where it came from. Recycling brings back purity and hygiene. Knowledge recycles the mind.

Tarah says : Recycling makes everything new and therefore a mind that is recycled by knowledge finds everything fresh.

Knowledge keeps everything fresh. That is why you can keep recycling the same creation. A mind in Knowledge finds everything fresh. If you dont put Knowledge to the mind, the mind gets rotten. Knowledge brings the mind back to purity. Recycling brings purity and hygiene.

Hygiene supports health, and too much hygiene destroys health. In a too hygienic situation the immune system in the body becomes like lazy, unequipped soldiers. People who live in slums often dont get sick, because their immune system becomes like a well-trained soldier. Often people who are too fussy about hygiene have poor health. Sometimes unhygienic conditions create health. It keeps your immune system active, alive and strong, while Knowledge keeps your mind fresh.