To Say Sorry Is A Good Mistake?

Often, in establishing your righteousness, you are insensitive to othersÔ feelings. When someone is hurt, arguing with them and establishing your righteousness will be in vain. By saying a simple "Sorry", you can uplift the other and take away the bitterness. In many situations saying "Sorry" is better than establishing your righteousness. It can avert much unpleasantness. This one word of five letters, when said sincerely can remove anger, guilt, hatred and distance.

Many people feel pride in hearing "Sorry" from others. This boosts their ego. But when you say "Sorry" to a wise man, it evokes compassion at your ignorance. However, when you say "Sorry" to your Guru, He will get angry and say, "Go! Listen to Ashtavakra!" (Laughter) For your saying "Sorry" indicates doership. You feel that YOU have MADE a mistake.

A mistake is part of an unconscious mind. An unconscious mind cannot do right. A conscious mind can do no wrong. The mind which makes the mistake and the mind which realizes the mistake - saying "Sorry" - are entirely different, aren't they? The mind which says "Sorry" cannot be an unconscious mind. Therefore, saying "Sorry" sincerely is a BIG MISTAKE!!!

Did you get it or are you confused? If you didn't get it, don't feel sorry or u can feel sorry!! (Laughter)

How strange - truth is paradoxical!