Seekers Beware

You can only seek that which you know and when you really know, you already have it.

You cannot seek something which you do not know.

And what ever you are seeking and where ever you seek it? always only One; and the One is what you already are.

And so -- you cannot seek something you do not know and when you know what you are seeking, you already have it.

When you seek the world, you get misery and when you want to find the way out of misery, you find the divine.

A man lost a penny and was seeking for the penny in a bush when he found a huge treasure. He was not seeking treasure but for his lost penny. In the same way, when you seek for something, you may get something else.

The Truth, Self cannot be sought directly.

Dean says: Many people come to the Art of Living seeking some mundane thing and find something else . . . (laughter)