Several Types of Dispassion

There are several types of dispassion:

  • You are dispassionate because you realize the misery in the world. (You have a fear of misery.) The events in life -- the pain, the suffering one experiences or sees -- brings dispassion.
  • The second type of dispassion is born out of the desire to reach something higher. Some consider dispassion as a path to enlightenment. If you renounce something here you gain something out there. Those who are seeking enlightenment practice austerities and take vows for a better place in heaven.
  • The third type of dispassion comes out of wisdom or knowledge. A broader understanding of the transient nature of things brings a state of non-attachment to any events, objects, people or situations that lets you remain calm and unperturbed.

Divine love does not let the dispassion manifest. The attainment of love brings such bliss and such intoxication, it not only takes away your passion, but dispassion as well.

This is the problem with Art of Living members. Many feel they have attained the highest and remain blissed out! (laughter!)