Ignorance is being a sceptic and not knowing you are a sceptic. If you think you are a sceptic, you are no longer a sceptic because you have a clue of something beyond. So, in reality, you can never know whether you are a sceptic or not!

A skeptic is stuck in a paradigm and closes all other possibilities. But this creation is of all possibilities. As one understands the paradigm shift, scepticism is removed.

A real scientist can never afford to be a skeptic because skepticism closes down possibilities and does not continue to probe into unknown areas of existence.

In short, skepticism is an "I know it all" attitude, and this attitude is unscientific. Skepticism is dispelled by Knowledge. Perception and inference are two means of knowing.

In every human being deep inside, there is faith and love. What you think is skepticism is only a thin layer. If you hold in your mind that they are skeptics you empower their skepticism.

Do not recognize someone's skepticism and try to argue with them. Argument strengthens their skepticism. Fear of interference in one's freedom brings more resistance and causes skepticism.

Your silence and the smile from your heart will dispel their skepticism. There is nothing better than silence to break skepticism. Silence means the quality of consciousness, not just keeping lips tight.

Skepticism doesn't come up in children. It comes only with people who walk with boundaries. Children have no skepticism. They live in their fantasy world, a world of many possibilities. Their world is one of innocence, joy, beauty, and so much love.