Sound Faith

Have faith in the sound and move on to have faith in the silence. Have faith in sound when it is pleasant and have faith in the silence when the sound is unpleasant.

When someone says something bad, you immediately believe it and the mind becomes more disturbed. Believing in an unpleasant sound creates more turmoil in the mind. In that situation shift your faith to silence.

Have faith in the sound, like the chanting of mantras.

People seem to have more faith in chatting and gossip rather than chanting and knowledge. Have faith in the knowledge, chanting and silence.


On the day of the full moon, Gurudev visited the ancient temple of Kollur where there was an elaborately decorated chariot of the goddess being pulled around the temple. Explaining its significance, Gurudev said that each one of us is like a chariot carrying the power of God within. We are the real chariot of the Divine. Our body is the chariot and the soul is the deity which is being pulled around the world to purify.