Special? Ordinary?

Are you special or ordinary?

What makes you special on the path? (Everyone is silent) Your perception, observation, and expression have advanced. What makes you ordinary on the path is that you are special! (Laughter) . . . . Because everybody thinks they are very special in some way or another!

Your perception has improved. You see the cause behind every cause, the Divine, and you see the great plan behind every small plan. You don't see the intentions behind others's mistakes and you are not a doubting Thomas.

Kiran: Who was doubting Thomas?

Shirley: Thomas doubted Jesus.

Bhanu: But I think he also got enlightened!

Stefano: Yes, but he was not sure! (Laughter)

Before getting onto the path you never observed your emotions. Now you observe your emotions, positive or negative, love or hatred, anger or compassion, pain or pleasure. Your observation has improved.

Your expression has improved. In the center-core of everyone there are all the good qualities. In the unfortunate and stressed ones it has not found an expression, but you have given an expression to these great qualities.

And soooo . . . . . you are extra . . . ordinary!