Strength and Subordination

Many people do not want to work under someone else, be it in their profession, in any company or even voluntary service. The general notion is that when you work under someone, you lose your freedom, you have to be answerable. So, many people opt for business, wanting to be their own boss. But, in business, you are accountable to so many people. If you cannot be accountable to even one person, how can you be accountable to many? This is the paradox. In fact, being in business binds you more than the boss!

Refusing to work under someone is a sign of weakness, not strength. A strong person would not feel uncomfortable working under anyone, because he knows his strength. It is the weak and poor in spirit who do not like to work under someone else, because they are unaware of their strength. They can be neither successful in business nor in any profession.

And the same is true even in the field of social service - often volunteers do not want to work under someone else. This is merely an exhibition of their weakness. With such an attitude, they achieve very little. One who is timid and weak in spirit would be uncomfortable to work even under the Wise one; but one who knows his own strength can work effectively even under a fool!

Nityanand: But to work under a fool is frustrating!

SriSri: When you know your strength, with skill and intelligence, you can turn every disadvantage into an advantage. A fool can bring out the best of your communication skills! (laughter)

So watch out! If you feel uncomfortable working under someone, it clearly shows you need to strengthen yourself. Desiring freedom from circumstances, situations or people is no freedom at all. Knowing that nobody can take away your freedom Ö that is strength! And when you realize your strength is unshakable, you would not mind working under anybody.