Stretching the emptiness

Stretching the Sound is Music.
Stretching the Movement is Dance.
Stretching the Smile is Laughter.
Stretching the Mind is Meditation.
Stretching the Life is Celebration.
Stretching the Devotee is God.
Stretching the Feeling is Ecstasy.
Stretching the Emptiness is Bliss.

Q : What is Emptiness?

Gurudev : Emptiness is the doorway between the material and spiritual worlds. It is where you come to understand the nature of the spirit. If you do not know emptiness then you cannot know the joy of the Being. The knack of experiencing the Being causes emptiness. From the emptiness begins the fullness.

One side of emptiness is misery and on the other side of emptiness is Joy. That is what Buddha said, "The whole world is misery and what is to be achieved is emptiness."