Sublimating Lust

Lust is one of the main botherations that many face. Lust grips the mind and tires the body, and dulls the intellect. Lust, when indulged, brings inertia, and when suppressed brings anger. Lust is nothing but primordial un-harnessed energy. The same when harnessed manifests as enthusiasm, sparkle, sharpness of intellect and love.

What are the factors which can sublimate or transform lust into love?

  • Playfulness: People who are in the grip of lust cannot be genuinely playful. When you are genuinely playful, then there is no lust there

  • Generosity: When you realize that you are here only to give and give, and you feel that you are very generous, lust is sublimated. Lust makes one possessive and not generous

  • Moderate to less intake of food

  • Remembrance of death

  • Divine Romance

  • Cold water baths

  • Undertaking creative challenges