Q.: How was yesterday's program? Was it successful?

Guruji: There is no question of success if you have nothing to gain. There is nothing to gain if you have only come to give and serve. Success indicates non-supremacy. Success means what? It indicates that there are chances of failure. If something is supreme there is nothing to lose. People running after success only exhibit their limitations.

Success means crossing a limit. To cross a limit you need to assume that you have a limit. Assuming a limit is underestimating yourself. If you have no boundaries then where is your success? If you have limitless access then there is no success. You don't say that you successfully drank a glass of water, because it is well within your capabilities. But when you do something that is beyond your perceived limits you claim success.

When you realise your unboundedness then no action is an achievement.

Anyone who claims to be successful only reveals his limitation. If you feel very successful it means that you have underestimated yourself. All your gains can only be smaller than you. Taking pride in any gains is belittling yourself.

Sheila: What if you feel that you are not serving successfully?

Guruji: You may feel that you have not done enough but you will not feel that you have not been successful. Real service is when you feel that you have not done enough.

Kai: You are not very successful! (Laughter)

Guruji: I am just full!