Surrender and responsibility

Setting up a time-bound goal gives direction to the life force. Imagination is essential for this. Most people have a small imagination and are stuck with that, and that causes frustration. But if you are a devotee, you say "Let Thy Will be done" and then you will step lightly to the goal. You will take it easy. We have to make a distinction. Some people say "Let God do everything and surrender" and others say "I have to be responsible."

Surrender is saying "Let Thy Will be done" and "Thy Will" for you is to take responsibility for the whole world.

It appears to be opposing and conflicting in nature -- in fact they are two sides of the same coin. The more you surrender, the more responsive you become. One who is irresponsible cannot surrender either. Why is someone irresponsible? They are lazy or fearful or both. If you are lazy or fearful, you cannot be in love.

Total responsibility is total surrender. It's a little hard to chew, but this is the truth. People usually say either I take responsibility or surrender, but I tell you they go hand in hand. Suppose you are surrendered to the Knowledge. That means you are committed to sharing it with others. You take responsibility to see that it flourishes.

Question: The confusion comes with the doership?

Answer: When you are taking responsibility and you find blocks, remember "surrender." That gives you strength to move ahead. It releases you from the weight of the doership. Responsibility is the dynamic expression of life in the present moment. When you are shaken, remember the basis of responsibility as surrender.

Taking responsibility or surrendering without doership is the skill of the wise. Total irresponsibility is impossible for you. Limited responsibility makes you weak. A little water in the sun will evaporate but the ocean never dries up. Limited responsibility tires you out. Unlimited responsibility empowers you and brings you joy.