Time And Mind

When the mind contracts, when it is unhappy, time appears to be too long. When the mind expands, when it is happy, time appears to be too short. When the mind is in equanimity, it transcends time.

When the mind is dull or unconscious, it is unable to experience itself. When the mind is excited or happy, time seems to be too short and when the mind is miserable, time seems to be too long. To escape from the two extremes, many resort to alcohol, sleep etc.

Samadhi, no-mindedness or timelessness, is peace, the Real peace. That is the greatest healer. Time is the greatest healer.

Just like the mind experiences time, this moment has a mind of its own, a Big Mind which has enormous and infinite organizing power. Thought is nothing but a ripple in this moment, and thus a few moments of Samadhi gives the mind a lot of energy.

Before you fall into slumber or as soon as you wake up from sleep, in the moments of twilight of Consciousness, experience the timelessness!!